Ever since ancient times the sacred Amazon River has been a source of life, purification and tremendous wisdom for all Amazonian nations, it is considered to be the spirit who purifies the Mother Jungle and our planet. Also, for many wise healers it is the spirit of the Anaconda and they perform ceremonies and initiations in its blessed waters.

It has always been the spiritual mission of the Boras, one of the oldest of the Amazon native groups, to protect this sacred and immense river. Many of their ceremonies, healing songs and Ikaros have as their main inspiration spiritual and bodily integration with the healing waters of this great river, they can fee l that when they are connected to the spirit of the Amazon River, they can travel towards the universe … to the essence of the universal water.

The mission of the Pachamama School Organization is to carry out and stream original ceremonies from these most sacred places.

After working on it for two months, we have now found the best way to hold this great ceremony, which will be led by the Amazon Group “The Boras”.

They will dedicate their beautiful and healing prayers and Ikaros to the whole world so that together we can create "A new sunrise".

The winter solstice in the southern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere is a sacred moment for many Amazonian Native groups including the Boras.

A time of the year that marks the beginning of change and purification, a sacred moment of union of the energies of the south with those of the north. This wonderful ceremony full of sacred songs and Ikaros will be focus on helping people to join and connect with the lights of Mama Anaconda, the great Serpent Mother, who will help us enter into the essence of the spirit of the Amazon River and then towards other spiritual and astral levels.

The ceremony will be streamed from the heart of the Amazon River and Momon river ... Saturday July 24 19:00 CET

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