PachaMama’s Pathway

A fascinating spiritual journey to Peru & Bolivia
Salkantay - Machupicchu & Titicaca Lake
November 10 to 23 - 2021

There is a joyful country where its sparkling nature was painted by the sun, moon and stars
There is a country where its enchanting history was written with beautiful stones
There is a country where its mystery is sung by the voices of its intense Amazon River
There is a country where the Earth is a sacred Mama healer and the Andean mountains are elderly teachers
There is a country where their faith is inspired by the constant renaissance of the Snake,
in the wise pilgrimage of the Puma and the pristine flight of the Condor
There is a country where the greatest poem to the perfect symbiosis between nature and man
was expressed in the most beautiful temple to the divinity "Machupicchu"
from where, a light of hope is born that cover the whole world
with a sacred healing energy ....
There is a country called Peru ... just dare to walk on its sacred ground
and surely your story will be part of the privileged book of life....
(Richard Aguayo)

An amazing opportunity to walk throughout the same pathways of the wise Inka Maestros

Pachamama School Organization happily invites you to an exclusive spiritual journey to Peru and Bolivia An amazing opportunity to walk the same pathways of the wise Inka Maestros and be able to visit, explore and meditate in the most important and energetic Inka temples around Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, the holy mountains of Apu Salkantay, the temple of Machupicchu and a healing time in the powerful Titicaca Lake and the Moon and Sun Islands A lifechanging journey notably led by Richard Aguayo and Andean and Amazon Teachers-Maestros.


PachaMama’s Pathway

November 10 to 23 -2021
Day by Day Program

Day 01-Nov 10 – Arrive to Lima-Cusco. - Rest of the day free to rest and get acclimatize to this new altitude
Day 02-Nov 11– Cusco the capital of the Inka Culture. - First ceremony-teaching in “Tambomachay” a sacred Inka altar dedicated to honor the holy water of the Andes, a beautiful moment where Q’ero Healers will invoke to their ancestors in their Inka Q’echua language to help us to integrate our male and female energies with the healing energy of Mama Q’ocha-Mother Water. We then will explore the Inka temples of Q’enqo and Saqsayhuaman… Afternoon walking tour to the Temple of the Sun or the heart of the Sacred Puma.

Richard A lifechanging journey notably led by Richard Aguayo
and Andean & Amazon Teachers-Maestros
Day 03-Nov 12 – Cusco and Sacred Valley of the Inkas.- Full day in this fertile and colorful valley, beginning with Chinchero, a typical Andean village, where natives will do a private workshop about the ancient techniques and spiritual designs of the Andean textiles and Mesas using the natural fibers of the Alpaca, then the pathway will lead us to “Moray” another extraordinary and sacred Inka temple with circular paths, into the earth… into PachaMama- a sacred place and moment to do a belly to belly ceremony with Mother Earth and get the teachings about the Spiritual Level of the Ukhu Pacha or the level of the Snake, finishing the day exploring the Temple of the Amaut’as-Inka Teachers of Ollantaytambo

Walk and meditate as you go into the womb of PachaMama – Moray temple

Day 04-Nov 13 – Trek to Apu Salkantay the sacred land.- Depart by bus to Soraypampa, meet with our trekking staff and begin the spiritual pilgrimage to Apu Salkantay and Machupicchu with the blessings and spiritual guidance of the Q’ero Healers and Richard; a short hiking day, a suitable distance to do a walking meditation as we will be in front of two of the most important Apus-Mountains of the Andes Apu-Humantay (5917) and Apu-Salkantay (6,271), impressive and panoramic views of Andean valleys will make our day unforgettable; outstanding campsite in the skirts of Apu Salkantay…

(Trek-camp/Tents-horses/porters and all meals) Camp
Walk and meditate as you go into the womb of PachaMama – Moray temple

Day 05-Nov 14 – Trek Soraypampa – Huayra.- Hike up to the high pass, one of the most energetic places in the Andes where we will have a unique ceremony dedicated to the sacred level of the Condor or the level of the “Hanaq Pacha-superior level”, our Q’ero Teacher will share a ceremony where we will learn how to be spiritually open to integrate our energy of life to the spirit of the Condor, time for our own personal prayers through our sacred Mama Coca leaves. Campsite will be in a warm valley with great views of the upper Amazon… (Trek-camp/Tents-horses/porters and all meals)

Let your spirit journey as you do offerings to PachaMama in sacred shrines

Day 06-Nov 15 – Half Day Trek to CocalMayo Hot Springs.- Another spectacular day in this ancient trail, half day trek mostly going downhill to hot jungle valleys and entering to the Cloudy Forest, where waterfalls, fruit-bearing trees, varied flora, and birds can be observed, as we pass though banana and passion fruit farms, our last campsite will be near to the most beautiful natural Hot Springs of the Andes “CocalMayo” a great place to have a relaxing time … (Trek-camp/Tents-horses/porters and all meals)

Explore the amazing temple of Machupicchu

Day 07-Nov 16– Santa Teresa to MachuPicchu Village.- Bus to Hydroelectric station to begin the last part of the trek, a nice path toward Machupicchu and Aguas Calientes town, hiking through different scenery walking following the Urubamba river which surround Machupicchu, and have exclusive views of the mountain Huayna Picchu and some temples of Machupicchu, we will also have the option to visit Mandor, splendid waterfalls, Overnight in a Hotel in Machupicchu town (Trek-breakfast and box lunch)

Imagine yourself doing a sunrise prayer for the peace of our world in Machupicchu

Day 08-Nov 17 – MachuPicchu the Temple-the Perfect Harmony.- A great day to visit and explore this amazing temple, which was built to honor the perfection of nature and to admire the beauty of the universe; as we contemplate the Mountain of “Llanatin-Masintin, an extraordinary place to enter in gratitude with our ancestors as we walk over the temples the Condor, the Puma, the Sun, PachaMama and others, late returning to Cusco by train.

Feel the energy of PachaMama – feel the blessing – Temple of Pachamama Machupicchu

Day 09-Nov 18 – Cusco.- Free morning and fly to Puno, rest of the afternoon free to enjoy the great views of the Titicaca lake
Day 10-Nov 19 – Puno /Amaru Muru Dimensional Gate and Titicaca Lake.- Early private bus to the borders of the Titicaca Lake, on the way we will have a nice stop in Chucuito the temple of the fertility, we then continue to Amaru Muru the “universal stone park” a fabulous place where the stones and rocks are very well connected to different energies from the universe which main place is the “Gate Amaru Muru” a portal to the Hanaq Pacha or Upper Level, the world of the Condor, Ceremony and meditations… afternoon arrival to Copacabana Bolivia, with an extraordinary view of the Titicaca lake.

Let your spirit do amazing journeys - Amaru Muru Portal- Dimensional Gate in Titicaca Lake

Day 11-Nov 20 – Titicaca Lake & Sun Island.- For more than eight thousands years the Titicaca Lake has been the most important initiation center of the Andes, and the Sun and Moon Islands are considered to be the main sources of life energy since this is where “Mancco Khapaq” and “Mama Oqllo” founders of the Inka civilization were born, our spiritual pilgrimage and ceremonies in this mystical lake will start in the Sun Island, our private boat will take us to the temple of the Sun, where we will have important teachings and ceremonies with Tayta Inty -Father Sun. Overnight in a local lodge with a privileged view of the lake and snow mountains

Empower your female energy as you are delighted by the beauty of the Temple of the Moon – Titicaca Lake

Day 12-Nov 21 – Sun Island and Moon Island. - Sun rise ceremony in the highest part of the Sun Island, special moment to give thanks to our spiritual teachers who were leading us during the whole journey, at noon our boat will take us to the Moon Island, Sun set ceremony in the central part of this amazing temple, where we will have our last energetic connection with Mama Killa-Mother Moon and Mama Q’ocha-Mother Water, overnight in lodge from the local natives of the Moon Island.

Begin a new life while you witness a spectacular sunrise on the Sun Island in the Titicaca Lake

Day 13-Nov 22 – Moon Island and back to Puno.-Farewell ceremony in the temple of mothers, then by boat crossing the Titicaca Lake back to Copacabana, last spectacular views of the highest navigable lake of the world, then bus back to Juliaca Airport in Peru, and then flight to Lima
Day 14-Nov 23 – Transfer to Lima Aiport. -End of the journey

Dates – Prices
November 10 to 23 -2021
Early Birds – 2800 € pp (Until Aug 31 -20021)
Regular fee – 3500 €
-All trip prices are per person based on double occupancy
- Own room option – 560 €
-Trip subject to change without notice and do not include airfares
-All prices and fares are quoted in Euros
-We highly recommend to get your own travel insurance

*Payment Conditions:
50 % deposit is required to assure a place for the Journey
and final payment 60 days prior the departure day
Please do the deposits to:
IBAN: LT59 3250 0040 6172 1814

Please let us know if you need help with your air tickets

What will be included in this extraordinary journey
• A unique Journey to the most important natural temple of Cusco-Puno-Salkantay and Titicaca
• Personal teachings and group ceremonies –Inka-Q’ero Healers & Richard Aguayo.
• 4 Stars Hotels with private bathroom and hot shower, all Breakfast
• Guided tours as mentioned in program
• Fee Tickets to temple in Cusco-Sacred Valley-Machupicchu-Titicaca
• Private buses for the whole journey incl. Transfers & Tours
• Entrances fees to MachuPicchu
• Shuttle bus Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu round trip
• Tourist Train Machupicchu to Cusco
For the Titicaca Lake
• Private boat for whole journey
• Typical local lodges while in the Titicaca Lake
• ceremonies with Maestros from the Sun and Moon Islands
For the Trekking Part
• All meals mentioned in program, including vegetarian menu with natural food Including this everyday :
• Natural Herbal teas-American Breakfast- Mid Morning Snack-Hot Lunch while trekking-Coffee/ Tea/ Herbal Teas/ Crackers once in campsites-Dinner with healthy soups and main course/dessert
• Purified water provided every day for daily trekking
• Waterproof Double tents/-Sleeping Mats
• Dinning - Kitchen Tent/Camping tables/Chairs/ Eating utensils/Cups
• Bathroom Tent
• Expert Cook, who will be in charge of all the food and campsites