Mama Selmira The Amazon Mother Healer

Mama Selmira & Richard Aguayo

When I was just a child, the older Shipibo Healers told me:
"The sparkling dawns in the great Amazon forest will bring you much joy and peace and the long moments you will spend enjoying the sound of the wonderful Amazon river will bring you wisdom, keep these voices of nature inside you, and one day you will speak on behalf of them to the world; Your mission in life is to be the voice and healing force of Sacha Mama, our Mother Jungle”

The Healer

Mama Selmira is an amazing woman and a master in the use of the sacred Amazon Pipe which is only smoked during healing ceremonies using the divine Mapacho-wild Tobacco found only in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. She is also a unique keeper of the ancient Ikaros, or curative songs, that she sings when she 'paints' on people's bodies with natural fruits and herbs during ceremony. Afterwards the receivers of this special ritual will enter into an intense time of healing and extraordinary joy and spiritual growth.

Mama Selmira has been carrying out these healing ceremonies since she was a little girl and this has enabled her to become truly skilled at these body paintings with the mystical-astral Shipibo designs. The 'paint' is made using only natural fruits and plants which she collects from the most isolated areas of the green Amazon. The painted designs are gorgeous, they are perfectly symmetrical and painted onto important energetic areas of the body, allowing a mysterious healing process to take place through a deep inter-connection of the curative energies of both nature and the cosmos.

These painting-designs can remain on the body of a person for up about 5 to 15 days, fading gradually over time.
During her second trip to Europe, Mama Selmira will lovingly open a day for private healing well as the traditional Shipibo ceremonies, painting mystical designs onto the following parts ofthe bodies of the participants:

Public Ceremony: Prayers for SachaMama
Our Mother Amazon Jungle
Free Night ceremony from 19:00 to 21:00


The fire is destroying more and more of our beloved SachaMama – our Mother Jungle Amazon.
Illegal mining - illegal loggers - destructive agriculture and now more fire… it is time to act and pray together.

Picture taken by Richard Aguayo just 10km from his house

This is an exceptional and vitally necessary ceremony, a night full of prayers of forgiveness, love, hope and healing for our beloved SachaMama, Mother Amazon Jungle. This is your chance take part and help.

Sharing all of her wisdom, respect and love, Mama Selmira will perform an impressive prayer ceremony in her ancestral Amazonian Shipibo language. She will thank her beloved home, the natural paradise of her ancestors, who taught her all the secrets of this wonderful and great medicinal garden, which has been being destroyed for hundreds of years. And now it is burning! It’s the home of animals, birds, trees and natives who cannot understand the reasons for the destruction.

Now it is time for us to do something significant, something valuable for ourselves, for our children, our families and most especially for our great home. Our PachaMama – Mother Earth, with all of her rivers, seas, lakes, mountains, valleys, canyons, deserts, snows, rains, winds, animals, birds, fishes, and all the living things we share our daily lives with. Our great SachaMama – Madre Amazon Jungle, who feeds us, sustains and regulates us energetically.

Mama Selmira wants to invite everyone, all families and their children to join us in a powerful night of ceremony and prayers that can help to change our lives and heal our precious SachaMama.

We invite each participant to bring small natural branches and natural flowers to this ceremony (please try to avoid buying them. If possible take a walk and find them or maybe you have them already from a previous time you have spent in nature). Mama Selmira will put branches and flowers together in a basket to make an offering and will invite each participant to add their own flowers into the basket at the end, along with their deepest prayers of forgiveness and healing to SachaMama. During this ceremony Mama Selmira will sing her sacred Ikaros or Songs of Healing. At the end we will sing, dance and celebrate as children of the great PachaMama – Mother Earth.

Free Ceremony from 19:00 to 21:00:

We walk barefoot in order to feel the freshness of the Amazonian sacred land.
We breathe deeply in order to fill our lungs with pure Amazonian oxygen.
We bathe in the most powerful healing waters of our planet in the Amazon.
We nourish ourselves with the best fruits and we warm our bodies with the millions of trees in this enormous medicine garden… The Amazon.
We should always say thank you to SachaMama, Mother Selva, Mother Earth.
It's always time to thank Sacha Mama - Mother Selva, Mother Earth
(Inspiration and reflection after living and learning in the Amazon for 20 years – Richard Agauayo))

Day 1 -Full Day Seminar… “The Astral Journey” Painted area: Front Face (part of the mental body)

According to the Shipibo Masters (Amazon native group) the impurity of our Astral Body can directly influence our traumas, and this is reflected in our character, feelings, emotions and actions and can often lead to a negative chain of fear, feelings of rejection, guilt, anger and especially to dis-ease (it's no coincidence they are called diseases).

In this Ceremonial Workshop Mama Selmira will share the essence of the Shipibo wisdom, teachings on the purification of the Astral Body. It will be a day filled with healing through her Ikaros (sacred songs). As she smokes her ceremonial Pipe with the healing Tobacco-Mapacho, she will also paint the faces and bodies of the participants, using a natural paint which has been used by the Amazonian natives for thousands of years and which allows us to enter a wonderful state of harmonious spiritual restoration both with nature and with the universe that surrounds us. This is a non-permanent, temporary 'paint'. There will be also a time where participants will be part of individual and group cleansing dances under the guidance of the ceremonial songs of this beautiful Mama.
Price: Euro 110 per participant.

Day 2- Full Day Seminar…”The sacred Circle of Women” Painted area: Chest (The Emotional Body)

We are privileged to share this extraordinary day with you. Mama Selmira will hold an exclusive ceremony for women, a sacred circle of women's medicine. Participants will be taught Amazonian healing techniques to enable them to access their own personal inner world. Many of the diseases and physical issues we experience stem from an energetic imbalance that can manifest in the emotional level-body, the mental level-body and more often than not in the spiritual level-body. This can ultimately lead to a block in the sexual level-body. Most healers feel that as the female sexual level-body is very sensitive it is in need of extra-special attention to keep it in balance.

In this powerful circle of sacred female energies, participants will learn healing Ikaros and dances to help them open energetically to the mental, emotional and spiritual body. Mama Selmira will also perform an energetic cleansing with her sacred Pipe and Mapacho Medicinal Tobacco, which will help to restore the energetic balance of the other levels-bodies such as the physical and sexual. This will result in the recipient being more in balance with the force of their life energy and they will also experience a unique, revitalizing awakening.
Price: Euro 110 per participant.

Day 3 - Full Day Seminar… “The Spiritual Path” Painted area: Solar Plexus (The Spiritual Body)

The Spiritual Body is one of the most sensitive areas of our energetic body, and at the same time it's the key centre to our life force energy. According to the ancient Amazonian healers, it's the solar plexus where this gate is located, and for that reason they concentrate all their healing in this sensitive and beautiful area. It is here we can do the most deep and intense healing and cleansing to rid ourselves of any blockages we may have. Mama Selmira will dedicate this day to performing a deep cleansing of our life energy through a ceremonial painting ritual on the solar plexus. The mysterious designs she paints will start to appear gradually on the skin helping spirit to bring our masculine and feminine energies into balance. Mama Selmira will also use her Ceremonial Pipe with the sacred Mapacho-Wild Tobacco for this purpose. Ancient, sacred Ikaros will be also sang during the whole process to bring protection to this holy body. This promises to be a wonderful experience that will bring us into harmony with ourselves and especially with the spirits of nature and all their wisdom. (It is essential participants bring light clothing, and-or swimwear, sandals, a towel and a blanket).
Price: Euro 110 per participant

Private Healing Sessions

Many of our illnesses originate from the time we spent in our Mother's belly. Mama Selmira wishes to help people find healing for any traumas and sorrows that they carry with them from their time in the womb. This private healing session is a unique opportunity for Doña Juanita to interact directly with the problems or traumas of the individual. During this unique process she will invoke her Ikaros (sacred songs) as well as using other natural elements, such as the Sacred Tobacco, natural paints in a variety of colours (non-permanent) and other tools that she will bring with her from her Amazon Medicine Garden. This is a very special opportunity that will enable the participants to realign spiritually. Improving harmony with their life energy and thus with the higher energies of the Cosmos.

Price per Session: Euro 90
- Sessions: 45 minutes per person
- available from: 08:00 to 20:00

Mother Plant Ceremony

“The pristine Amazon rainforest-the biggest medicinal garden of our planet keeps the most important secret for the biggest spiritual enlightenment”
Since the moment in which man began to use plants and roots as a source of medicine, the spiritual union with the great "Mother Plant" was also born; and with this, the most sacred and profound Amazon ceremony was born, through which we are able to really visualize our inner self with its different eyes or energy doors, which usually are withered; this millenary sacred ceremony can take us in the path to re-flourish these important energy fields - simple healing process - completely deep –
Mama Selmira will also hold an exclusive ceremony with the Mother Plant, a moment of union with the powers of the Sacha Mama, our Mother Jungle, as well as with the healing and visionary Amazon teachers to help each participant find an important path of light.

-Night ceremony
-Under request only
-We will send a list of spiritual steps to follow before this sacred ceremony
-This will take place on either the second or third night
- Very important - Her medicine is harvested from the Amazon Rainforest).