Let's reforests our Amazon rainforest
Together with natives from the Amazon...we will begin to reforest 2 new medicinal gardens
Join us and be part of an important day for our Pachamama
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Wed Jan 24th - 13:00 hrs CET (Central European Time)

Proudly presents the special project:

Medicinal Gardens in the Amazon Forest”


Our vital Amazon Rainforest


Our biggest medicinal garden has given the whole world
an enormous number of medicine trees as well as amazing
Maestros-Healers like our beloved “Mama Selmira” whose
great wisdom, love and deep devotion for the medicinal plants
and healing songs-the Ikaros, have helped so many people

Mama Selmira may have left us physically, but her great legacy is engraved in our hearts. The best way to honor and preserve this extraordinary gift is to help spread her beautiful wisdom and to help the Amazon Natives recover and preserve their trees, plants, roots, flowers and fruits, which are their medicine.

Through this extremely important and beautiful act we can enable them to reforest and protect the unique Amazon Rainforest.

With great joy we present this essential project "Medicinal Gardens in the Amazon". With the vital mission to help all natives of the Amazon, to create and start their own medicinal gardens on their terraces and green areas.

The Amazon is being burned, destroyed and deforested, this means that we all are losing our largest medicinal garden, a true natural pharmacy which amazingly has provided the largest amount of natural chemical elements which are still used today as valuable medicine throughout the world.

As an important contribution to our planet, and during the last 33 years, Pachamama School Org has carried out many social, cultural and ecological projects in natural areas and native communities in the Andes and Amazon of Peru. These are some of them.

- The construction of 17 clean water systems, 2 greenhouses and “Munay T’ika - Beautiful Flower” School, built from stones, mud and straw in the native community of Q’ero.
- Ceremony of reunification of the last Inka Q'ero Ayllu-Nation, with 700 Q’ero healer-ceremony to Pachamama.
- Reforestations in the Amazon Regions of Cusco & Madre de Dios.
- Great Rain Ceremony to put out the fires in the Amazon in 2019 with 40 native children.

We are destroying more and more our beloved Mother Jungle Amazon. Illegal mining - illegal loggers - destructive agriculture and now intentionally created fires…

Aerial shot was taken on Sept 29th 2022, 06:30 am. Multiple fires were started in the Amazonia medicinal forest.
Recent photo 30th Sept 2022 17:30 pm. This is how the Amazon was destroyed after just a few hours of fires

(Photos taken by Rodrigo Aguayo, from the plane and then from the same place where we were about to carry out reforestation work These fires were started intentionally to halt our important mission of reforestation / Sept 29 - 2022 – 06:30 am)

-Witnessing this destruction, the Pachamama School Organization began an important project called "Medicinal Gardens in the Amazon" in Dec 2021, with the intention of saving our Amazon with reforestation programs with medicinal plants, aromatic-therapeutic herbs, ceremonial flowers and exotic fruits.
We have already reforested one hectare with 160 medicinal plants, but taking care of the seedlings is also incredibly important, enabling them to grow and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide mass for the trunks and then release oxygen back into the air… into us… such simple medicine.

“We can still save this Great Green Paradise - the largest Medicinal Garden of our planet”

Together, with your prayers, spiritual support and especially with your financial contributions

Adopt a Medicinal Garden in the Amazon

By adopting a "Medicinal Garden" you will be helping to reforest the Amazon jungle with 100 Medicinal Plants, maintaining and caring for an area of 500-metre square for 1 year in the Amazon Forest of Pucallpa Peru.

Adopt 1 Medicinal Garden for 1 year: €400 / Adopt 2 Medicinal Gardens for 1 year: €700
Adopt 3 Medicinal Gardens for 1 year: 1000 / Adopt 4 Medicinal Gardens for 1 year: €1,300

*The Medicinal Gardens will also be special places for teaching the management of traditional Amazonian medicine. Seedlings from these gardens will be distributed among the families of the Shipibo Natives, in this way we will create more and more gardens.

This is how we found large sacred areas
of the Amazon. photo 1st Oct 2022
Together with Doña María and Don Elmer we are already
reforesting the Amazon photo 1st Oct 2022 10:25 am

Together we can create more and more Medicinal Gardens, and slowly do an important reforestation program. And then gradually plants, herbs, roots, leaves and flowers will be strong enough to be used sustainably by native communities as their own medicine and at the same time create an important family income. Simple medicine simple economy.

Please contact us if you want to Adopt more Med. Gardens
Donations through PayPal
- Name: Richard Aguayo Rodriguez
Pamplona, Spain
You may pay using an existing PayPal account, or any major credit card/debit card
or send your donations to:
IBAN: ES06 2100 5182 6801 0023 8864 – BIC (Swift) CAIXESBBXXX
Richard Aguayo Rodriguez – Pamplona Navarra Spain Telf.-W +34 644265599



Don Elmer-Shipibo Healer (Son of Mama Selmira) reforesting with medicinal plants


Doña Maria (Don Elmer’s wife) fertilizing the soil.. and then Don Elmer reforesting with sacred medicinal Planta Mother Ayahuasca


Engineer Tello (Our professional Eco-Agro. Consultant) my son Rodrigo and Don Elmer, doing the first reforestations in our Center in the Cashibo Cocha Lake



Engineer Tello and Rodrigo checking each plant before being reforested… Doña Maria doing a Shipibo prayer before reforesting the first Medicinal Garden

Thank you for your donation to Pachamama School Organization !!!!
Your amazing gift today nourish urgent efforts to stop Amazon fires and the destruction of natural areas full of medicinal trees, sacred animals, colorful birds, unique fishes as well as ancestral native communities, who are the truly keepers of the medicinal secrets of the Amazon.