Inka Q’ero Mesa -Teachings & Practices

One day the great 'Wiracocha', the creator of the universe had to leave our planet.
Before leaving he left a beautiful message with the sacred land of Q’osqo (Cusco)
which he named 'PachaMama' as well as with the holy mountains that surrounded
Cusco that he named 'Apus (Spirits of the Mountains)'. With a sweet sounding
voice he said, "Beloved PachaMama, in your bowels I leave the energy of strength
and wisdom and respected Apus. In the stones of your summits I leave my healing
energy. I ask of you both that you be the deities responsible for taking care of these
deep and pure energies and to please share them with all those humans who come
to you in kindness and with discipline, in true harmony with themselves and with
nature so that they can be initiated as…
'Hampiq Runa” (healers or medicine men)'

Richard Aguayo.




Mesa Seminars
Teachings & Practices


1st. Level
“Kallpa – Living Mesa”
Your first and most important Mesa
Seminar 1 Day


(This full day teachings is the first level of a series of 5 important Seminars)
With a lot of joy and energy I will share with participants the first steps
into the new and extremely important spiritual path connected to a
“real Mesa”, the Seminar will include the following   :
- What is a true Mesa
- Where is our most important Mesa
-What it means to have a Mesa
- The healing energies which involves your sacred Mesa
- Who is PachaMama and other healing spirits
that must be connected to your Mesa
-Awakening into your real spiritual path
-What and how you can do to integrate your Mesa to the
3 different spiritual levels of life
- And be guided by the Puma, the Snake and the Condor in your
important spiritual path 
- Heal yourself, our planet and of course your ancestors

Full day Seminar 09:00 am to 05:00 pm