In the wonderful ‘green’ world where this beautiful couple lives,
nature and its sacred Amazonian spirits are truly everything, including the
mystical Gods who blessed their sacred union as wife and husband as well as Maestros Healers.

Doña Maria and Don Elmer will lovingly open the following ceremonies
- One day for private healing sessions
- One night for free ceremony “Prayers for the Amazon Forest”
- 2-days for Seminars: “The Astral Journey & The Spiritual Path”


Private Healing Sessions
Nov 20 & 21 full days


The entire world has been experiencing an unusual energetic imbalance which has created large gaps in our life energy, enveloping us in terrible, deadly diseases.

Well, this is the sacred moment when we have the incredible opportunity to balance our feminine and masculine energies and enter into a sacred era of healing and spiritual growth.
Many of our illnesses originate from the time we spent in our mother’s belly

Doña Maria and Don Elmer will help people find healing for any traumas, sorrows and illnesses that come from the time in the womb, or even before
*They will interact directly with the problems of participants, and be able to do a deep healing using energies from nature, the Amazon Rainforest as well as with the cosmos.
*Invoking their Ikaros (sacred songs) as a way to get connected with the healing energies from the Amazon… from their healing trees, plants, flowers as well as the sacred animals and birds. All of them part of her healing spiritual guides…
*Using also other natural elements, such as the Sacred Tobacco-Mapacho, natural plants -seeds-flowers brough from their Amazon Medicine Garden
*An opportunity to realign spiritually, improving harmony with the life energy and thus with the higher energies of the Cosmos.

***Participants will be able to choose the individual session
either with Doña Maria or with Don Elmer

- Sessions: 45 minutes per person
- available from: 08:00am to 20:00
Price per Session 120 €

Public Free Ceremony

Monday Nov 20th - “Prayers for the Amazon”

Free night Ceremony from 19:00 to 21:00

The fire is destroying more and more of our beloved Mother Jungle Amazon
Illegal mining - illegal loggers - destructive agriculture and now
more intentionally created fire…
this is a great opportunity to do prayers for the Amazon together¡¡¡

A vitally necessary ceremony¡¡¡ A night full of prayers of forgiveness, love, hope and healing for our beloved Mother Amazon Jungle. This is your chance take part and help.

“Honoring the memory of our beloved Mama Selmira”
We invite each participant to bring small natural flowers to this ceremony. Both Maestros will put branches and flowers together in a basket to make an offering and will invite each participant to add their own flowers into the basket, along with their deepest prayers of forgiveness and healing to the Amazon Rainforest.

Open public Ceremony – free of payment

Wed Nov 22nd “The Astral Journey”

Full Day Seminar - 10:00am to 17:00

Painted area: Front Face (part of the mental Level) and/or Chest (Emotional Level)
Chest (emotional level)


According to the Amazon Shipibo Maestros the impurity of our Astral Level can directly influence our traumas, and this is reflected in our character, feelings, emotions and actions leading us to a negative chain of fear, feelings of rejection, guilt, anger and specially to dis-ease.

In this Workshop Doña Maria and Don Elmer will share the essence of the Shipibo wisdom as they teach and help participants how to do a unique purification of the Astral Body.

It will be a day with healing through their Ikaros (sacred songs). As they smoke their ceremonial Pipes with the healing Wild Tobacco-Mapacho, then Doña Maria will paint some small parts of the front-faces or chests of the participants with a natural paint which has been used by the Amazonian natives for thousands of years, to enter in a wonderful state of harmonious spiritual restoration with our own self, nature and with the universe that surrounds us (This is a non-permanent natural paint made out of Amazon fruits, and last up to 7 days and erase in a natural way)

Maestros will also teach us group cleansing dances under the guidance of their ceremonial songs or Ikaros which are devoutly sung (It is essential participants bring light clothing easy to open the belly-chest part, good warm socks, sandals, a towel, a blanket-yoga mat)

One day Seminar Price: 160 €


Thu Nov 23rd “The Spiritual Path”

Full Day Seminar – 10:00 to 17:00

Painted area: Solar Plexus (The Spiritual Level)



According to the Amazonian healers, the spiritual level is one of the most sensitive areas of our energetic body and the key center to our life force energy, it's the solar plexus where this gate is located, and they concentrate all their healing and cleansing in this sensitive and beautiful area to rid of any blockages we may have.

Doña Maria and Don Elmer will do deep cleansing of our life energy through a ceremonial painting ritual with mysterious designs on the solar plexus with natural paints. These symbols will start to appear gradually on the skin helping spirit to bring our masculine and feminine energies into balance They will also use their Ceremonial Pipes with the sacred Mapacho-Wild Tobacco for this purpose. Ancient, Ikaros will be also sang during the whole process to bring protection to this holy area, and then enter in harmony with ourselves and especially with the spirits of nature and all their wisdom (This is a non-permanent natural paint, and last up to 7 days and erase in a natural way)

They will also teach us group cleansing dances and their sacred Ikaros (It is essential participants bring light clothing easy to open the belly-chest part, good warm socks, sandals, a towel, a blanket-yoga mat)

Second day Seminar Price: 160 €
Special Price
for those participating in the 2 Days Seminars - 300 €

For more information, please contact to:
Lara de Vries
+31 655495361 e-mail: larajeanne@samendepraktijk.nl

Payments – Deposits for Healing Sessions and Seminars

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