Maestro Don Hebe Inka Healer Musician

Inka Healer and Master Don Hebe

“For thousands of years, my Peruvian Native Maestros have kept secret the sacred methods
they use to rise through the different spiritual healing levels”

Journey to Europe 2020

Country City Dates Organizer Phone Email
Iceland Reykjavik Feb 01-04 Linda 00354 845 7064
Sweden Gothemburg Feb 05-06 Lina 0046 73 333 8070
Sweden Skellefteå Feb 07-11 Anna Larsson 0046 70 276 47 71
Sweden Umeå Feb 12-13 Josselynes Lindahl 0046 706439157
Holland Amsterdam Feb 14-15 Sif Yraola 0031-634021114
Holland Amsterdam Feb 16-17 Michelle 0031 617 804 400
Austria Viena Feb 18-19 Manuela Harrison
0043 650 5551122
0043 676 44 80 510
Spain Pamplona Feb 21-22 Richard Aguayo 0034 627 21 61 42
Italy Ventemiglia Feb 23-25 Sina Biasi 0039 3280106766
Italy Trentino Feb 26-27 Roberta Peloia 0039 3336822624
Italy Milan Feb 28-29 / Mar 01 Genaro Caly 0039 3336609696

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The Master

A select group of healers has used the sounds, vibrations and music produced by unique instruments such as Water Whistling Vessels and Flutes made from condor, puma and human bones to allow people to connect with the healing energy of PachaMama (Mother Earth), Tayta Inti (Father Sun), Mama Killa (Mother Moon), the Apus (Mountain spirits) and Wiracocha (Universal Energy).

Don Hebe, an Inka musician from Cusco, Peru, has spent 50 years seeking out, investigating, collecting and playing ceremonial, curative musical instruments, both Inka and pre-Inka. He has spent his life with healers from the Andes and the Amazon, learning the ancient wisdom of playing and creating the most incredible and sweet healing sounds. Celebrating incredible sessions for cleansing and enhancing the energies of our bodies… mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually, bringing them into balance through the sounds of Sacred Instruments, some of them 2,000 years old. Flutes made from the bones of condors, pumas, and even from humans, Ocarinas (an old type of wind instrument), Sea Shells, and the famous Peruvian Whistling Vessels; which could only be played by Masters who knew the healing powers of the water and air elements.

Don Hebe uses amazing instruments recovered from the tombs of real ancient healers from the high Andes and the Peruvian desert in his healing-ceremonies.

Don Hebe will take a spiritual journey through Europe in February 2020. A special time where he will share these ancient secrets through private healing sessions and ceremonial workshops. He will help people to work directly on their own healing by teaching them an Andean breathing technique. This technique is also used to play the ancient easy-to-play whistles and ocarinas. They are thousands of years old and are museum pieces, but are still used exactly as they once were – not just as musical instruments, but as sacred forms of spiritual catharsis.

Proudly presented by the PachaMama School, Richard Aguayo, who has dedicated the last 35 years of his life to healing and beautifying PachaMama, our Mother Earth, via extraordinary natural events, and sharing the sacred ancestral knowledge of Peru around the world.

Healing Sessions

Don Hebe in a healing process

Don Hebe will conduct healing sessions using his exclusive and sacred musical instruments, employing the same wisdom and technique used by his Inka ancestors.

In each session he will play at least 7 different amazing wind instruments, moving them around the body of the participant ¬– creating healing waves of sound from huge Clay Trumpets, Seashells, Ocarinas, Water Whistling Vessels and Flutes (the healing instruments found in the tombs of Inka and Pre Inka-Masters). These unusual and sweet musical sounds help to open energetic doorways into the luminous body of the participant, then gently they enter the physical body to create an amazing cleansing and healing.

The result is their life energy will start to move in a different way, reaching all organs of the body with ‘Hampi’, the supreme energy of PachaMama. Increasing mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual energy levels. This beautiful process creates a beautiful balance with nature, as most of Don Hebe’s instruments were created by real ancient healers, to mimic the shapes and sounds of birds and animals.

Workshop Healing Sounds -
Playing an Ancient Peruvian Whistle
Working with Water and Wind Wisthlers

(Participants do not need any previous musical experience)

Imagine yourself being able to play sacred Whistles which were
created thousands of years ago by real Inka and Pre-Inka Healers.

Imagine yourself becoming an animal of power with the ability
to heal yourself and let go of your traumas, pains, fears, and illnesses.

This seminar is full of unique and ancestral teachings, healings and ceremonies. Don Hebe will begin with an explanation of each of his healing instruments, flutes and whistles, so participants are familiar with all of them (each takes the form and sound of a sacred animal from the Inka and Pre-Inka spirituality).

With deep love, Don Hebe will also play his extraordinary collection of ancient Clay Trumpets, Water Whistles, Ocarinas, Pincuillos, and Flutes, asking permission of the spirits, through the ceremony, to guide and lead us into a unique healing process.