Some of my Maestros and their unique teachings

Mama Justina ... My grandmother ... An extraordinary woman who was born
in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas-Cusco Peru, She had 12 children and I am
one of their many grandchildren.

Having this large family, she had to became the Doctor of each member of the
family, which she did so well that we always affectionately called her
"Mama Justina-Mama Curandera" ...

I can say with great joy that this wise woman was my first and greatest Maestra,
the best teachings she shared with me where from 3 am to sunrise, moments
in which I used to accompany my grandmother in her daily early work, walking
around the city of Cusco

Richard ... Enjoy everything you live now, whether it's good or not, enjoy it ...
When you sit down to eat at a table, eat as willingly as possible,
whether you like it or not, and try to love all people, whether you like them or not,
or they like you or not . . As . . . you do not know until when you will be alive ...
when you will sit down to eat again and above all. . .
Only by loving people can you understand and forgive their mistakes ...
only by loving… you can help yourself and help them….
Urpichay Mama Justina
Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

Richard…. Last night I did a beautiful ceremony with the Mother Plant, and when I was singing
one of the more intense Ikaros… I was able to eat the disease of a ill person who was in the
ceremony and she was healed… Richard do you know why I was able to eat the illnesses ...
because I was in balance and clean, I was just a bridge between nature and the patient ...
nothing more ... as simple and profound as life itself. We those who know and handle
the ancient art of healing the spirit, we have to be very united to the incredible force of nature
and through it to other forces of the “mystery" (Higher Spirits)

Teachings of Don Alejandro Jahuanchi - 1996, one of my first Teachers, an extraordinary
Healer and Ayahuasquero, with an incredible voice to sing each Ikaro… Chief of the
Huachipeyry-Matshiguenga Nation of the Peruvian Amazon.
My dear and respected Master passed away in 1998
Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

Richard… “We don’t need to do a healing session for almost an hour, it doesn't take that long
time to heal a sick person…. With the help of Mama Coca and Pachamama, then I
can call the spirit the lost soul of an ill person in just a tiny moment (second) and she can get
healed in a little while, the most important thing is how you do your prayers and how well and
peaceful you are with Mama Coquita and PachaMamita

(For Don Ramon a little while meant a second)

Teachings of Don Ramon during a healing in 2009, extraordinary Master and Healer of the
Inka-Q'ero Nation, truly a spiritual knight with an indomitable native personality, typical
of a person who lived practically alone in the Andean mountains at 4,800 meters high ...
An old fox of healings, a great spirit who was very close to me, I loved him as my spiritual
father, I travelled with him around the world performing ceremonies, healing and doing
seminars for more than 20 years, he passed away in 2016
Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

Richard… When I was still a child, they forced me to leave my Amazon jungle, and they took
me to the city. For years, I tried to fit into this new world, full of strange food, different people
with blocked energy, one day I got very ill, they took me to many doctors and finally a doctor
told me that I had a cancer in my ovaries. I cried many days and after many tries the doctors
accepted my request to leave the Hospital and be able to return to my jungle, my trees, my
animals, my family, my medicine.
Look Richard, 30 years later…I am still here in the Amazon, where I got pregnant several times and I have a large family ... I am so happy that I returned to my Amazon Mother, to the medicine of my ancestors… I learned to heal again…. to walk without fear.

Teachings of Doña Juanita Romaina, Ayahuasquera, teacher and Curandera from the Amazon
Group Shipibo Conibo, she was the first Medicine woman who accepted to do a spiritual
journey throughout Europe alone with me in 2018. Her trusting in me, her great work and
wisdom opened a new path to spread the important feminine wisdom with
which I feel totally identified.
Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

Richard… When people ask me where do I get all the information about medicinal plants and where does
the music and lyrics of the Ikaros come from, what university have I gone to, or in which institute have
I trained ... I answer them simply ... Everything comes from the same nature and everything goes to the
same nature. Many of you go to universities and read books, since I was a child I go to my forest, there
I sit next to a tree and observing a river and the forest, and it is there in those long moments when so
much information comes, the leaves of a tree are like the leaves of a book, the sounds of nature like the
wind, the sound of a river or a bird, they are like Teachers who teach you or give you assignments ...
as long as one is at peace with yourself and with others ... in each tree I see and feel and listen
to one of my ancestors ... a tree is a teacher

Teachings of Don Alberto Manqueriapa, Master Ayahuasquero and Healer from the Amazon
Group Huachypayry Matshiguenga, Don Alberto is my spiritual brother whose beautiful voice
has given me and to many people so much peace and heling since he can sing countless Ikaros
the same ones he channels from nature and his ancestor. A true Master who allowed me to
sing together his sacred Ikaros during this last 20 years that we have been travelling around
the world conducting ceremonies, seminars and healing since 1997
Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

Richard…. Suddenly I got ill, I had never
felt so bad, the virus also came to me community and many people were dying,
I was feeling so bad that I could not breathe well or speak ... when there was not much
to do, a countrywoman appeared and she
began to sing the same Ikaros that we used
to sing when we were children, I could not sing but I gave myself in devotion to them,
and these beautiful Ikaros took me spirit to
the dense forest and always showed me the sacred Matico tree, my countrywoman
was singing over and over different Ikaros
and my spirit was always guided towards
the same tree “the Matico”. She also got
the virus too so we asked our families to
give us the medicine from the Matico Tree
and we were able to survive.
When we got healed and we could walk, together, we immediately went to the forest and sat in front of the sacred tree of the Matico, we smoke our Mapachitos cigars to the Matico and we especially sang the same Ikaros we sang when we were ill… we were there for hours just in gratitude … I don't know what I would do without my forest, without my Ikaros… I don't know!
Teachings of Mama Selmira after
overcoming the virus in July 2020.
Mama Selmira is one of the simplest
and most honest human beings that I

knew, from the first moment I saw
her, the sweet word “Mama” came
to me, and with so much joy she
also calls me son ...
She is a tremendous Ayahuasquera
Master with whom I have shared
beautiful ceremonies and has a strong
devotion to do healing and to sing
her Ikaros.
Traveling around the world with her
always means bringing blessings-
singing Ikaros to the rivers, forests
and animals of every country we visit,
I can say that this Mama is one of the
best spiritual representatives from the
Amazon Shipibo group
Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

Don Humberto Soncco – I was so fortunate to meet him when he was still living in the
Q’ero mountains and we were able to share a good number of Full Moon ceremonies
dedicated to the peace of PachaMama and all our brothers and sisters… I am
never going to forget what he told me one night…

Richard… we did the long and unique spiritual Pilgrimage to Q’oyllority, this is the
most sacred place for us, the Q’ero people … tonight will be one of the coldest nights
in many years, get ready Richard, at sunset we will need to walk up to the snow mountains
and to the sacred lake before midnight… the freezing Mama Q’ocha lake-Mother Water Lake
is waiting for you… Get ready Richard.. get ready to begin a new spiritual path

Don Humberto was my beautiful teacher and became my spiritual brother
from 1996 to 2002… Urpichay Hermano

Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

Don Manuel Quispe- I only met him twice. The first one in 1995, when I was doing
a long hiking all around the Q’ero Mountains, we talked for a day, he was very happy
to meet me, since I was the very first one doing a volunteer work in Q’ero…

Richard, Once the spirits told me that there will be a person who will come to Q’ero to do a real
“Ayni”. I was waiting for that person for years, now that I see you constructing the Clan Water
Systems, I can say that the Spirit told me the truth…. Urpichay Richard, I wish I could share
with you more messages from the Spirits, but I am not feeling well, I need to find my path again

I met him again in 1996, and once again just for a day…and this is what he taught me:
Richard, I thank you so much. I lost my spiritual path more than 20 years ago, I thought
I lost my connection with PachaMama and the Apus, but tonight, when we were doing
the ceremony I felt both spirits in me…. Urpichay Richard ...
now, I can join my ancestors in peace again

Don Manuel.. died 2 months later…

I was very thankful to the Spirits, since I was able to help him to find some good
peace and balance in the last part of his life, which were really painful for him…
many of his students abandoned him

Urpichay Maestro… two days were more than enough for both of us… Urpichay
Snake-Puma PreInka Culture “Chankay” 1470 BC

My beloved Brother “Don Angilino”

Richard Aguayo R. and Don Angilino - Sunrise ceremony- Sun Island Titicaca Lake Bolivia
I met Don Angilino 25 years ago… and I can say… the Good Spirits sent me a very important brother… an Angel
Just a month ago in Nov-2020, When I was living in Spain, I got very ill with the Virus Covid-19, Spain is one
of the countries where this Virus it’s being so deadly. Right at the same time when I got the worst fever,
Don Angilino sent me a message and a picture via WhatsApp.

Compadre look, I am doing a beautiful offering to the PachaMama and to our Apus in your name, I am asking them to be closer
to your spirit so that you can get their great healing energy and you can be stronger.

Right in that glorious moment, a natural smile came up from my heart and I just said.

Urpichay PachaMama and Apus… Thank you for this illness and I really thank you for sending me Angilino
as my Teaching and protector “Angel”

Together with Don Angilino, we did many spiritual pilgrimages and ceremonies during more than 25 years,
around the most sacred mountains of Q’ero, one of the most mystical places of our planet