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“Earthwalking the Medicine of Pachamama”


“my energy . . . my medicine”

Being healthy is the result of a balance between ourselves, our conscious and our Pachamama
It begins with a deep peace within yourself, with your family and your community
Focus on a forgiving relationship with your ancestors and align yourself in harmony with your higher spirits

This is a seminar with two full days of intensive teachings, healing practices and ceremonies

* A magical time where you will have the incredible opportunity of entering onto a transformational pathway and becoming an “Honorable Paqo Healer - Bridge Healer”
*This is the right time to learn how to heal with the “Pachamama Mother Earth” and “Yaku Mama-Mother Snake” energies
*A sacred natural element and animal which are the essence of the medicine and spirituality for most Andean and Amazon Maestros
*Learning how to connect to them means, a wise way how to enter into the arts of healing... yourself and others

* These teachings will help you to make an important change in your life, to see, feel and accepting nature as your greatest source of healing energy
*You will learn to recognize, purify and improve your own life energy, also how to use healing and ceremonial elements from the Andes and Amazon, but specially you will learn how to heal with .. good will, patience, wisdom, faith and love
I’m beginning this series of 4 Seminars with “Earthwalking the Medicine of the Pachamama” (Mother Earth) This first Seminar will allow me to begin to share this ancient medicine in the most authentic and truest way possible, ensuring that you truly enter and walk wisely, through this incredible and ancient art to heal yourself, heal others and so together protect our beloved Pachamama My mission is to pass on these treasures in the same way my old Andean and Amazon Maestros shared with me. Guiding students to have the courage and good fortune to impart healing to the energetic bodies of any person who needs help, using and channeling various energies from the gentles to the most intense and so become a true intermediary between the powers of nature, mystery and man.
Facilitated by Richard Aguayo Rodriguez
Pachamama School Certification
At the end of each spiritual healing training seminar, we will proudly present you a beautiful diploma, to reward and celebrate your new alliance with the mysterious energetic forced of Pachamama-Mother Earth.
Since 1995, Pachamama School Organization has proudly granted practitioner certification to students who exhibit the good will, patient, faith, discipline and love with joy to be in service of Pachamama and to all those who need our healing wisdom our healing passion.
- August 26 & 27th -2023 09:00 am to 17:00
Earthwalking Seminar 320 £ p.p.
(Including teaching and healing tools)
- August 25 – Full day Private Spiritual Coaching
Birmingham Holistic Center
For Information and registrations, please contact to: -
+34 644265599 Richard & Rodrigo Aguayo
Richard Aguayo R and Don Marcos-94 years old Q’ero Master


When our path darkens the true ancestral wisdom will ignite the light… of harmony within us, with nature

In the midst of the anguish that our planet is going through… the right time and space has arrived for me to share the profound teachings that I have received during this last 50 years. Intense but beautiful moments when I carried out long spiritual pilgrimages through the energetic Andean mountains, exploring the deep, exotic Amazon, journeyed through the most remote and mysterious deserts of my beautiful and powerful Peru”. A land full of mystery, history and wisdom. Home to the incredible Inkas and Amazonian cultures and healers, where ancient natives, who I can truly call “the Masters and Mother Masters”, have kept in their hearts the ceremonial wisdom and healing secrets for thousands of years.

It is my sacred mission to share all the teachings I have received whilst carrying out 20,000 healings and more than 3,000 Seminars in 33 Countries around the world in this last 37 years. All this impressive experience comes from my time and spiritual journeys with Natives Maestros like Don Ramon Phacsi, Don Martin Quispe, Don Mariano Apaza, Don Marcos Soncco, Doña Maria Apaza, Don Humberto Soncco and my brother Don Angilino Apaza, all of them ancestors of the Andean Inka Q’ero Nation, as well as Don Alejandro Jahuanchi, Don Alberto Manqueriapa, both from the Amazon Nation of Huachypeyry Matshiguenga, and Don Kumpashin from the Amazonian Nation Ashuar, as well as from Doña Juanita Valle, my beloved ‘Mama Selmira’ and Doña Maria & Don Elmer all of them from the Amazon Shipibo Nation, and especially with my first Great Teacher, my grandmother, Doña Justina Ricalde from the Andean Inka-Pisaq Nation

As I have Travelled around the world, I have been able to see that many people seek answers to, and cures for, their fears, traumas and illnesses.
I can say. . . Only with a constant willingness, enough patient and above all deep faith…
you can enter into the world of self-healing – into the healing world of ‘Pachamama’

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-50% deposit refund for cancellation 1-0 days before retreat start date.
-0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-0 days before retreat start date.

Remaining Balance -The remaining balance is due upon arrival.
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Don Ramon
Agenda Level 1
- Day 1 - Saturday Aug 26 /2023 - 09:00am to 17:00
– Ceremony of integration with PachaMama
– Checking of all healing tools
- Ancient Master Healers from the Andes & Amazon
- The ancestral prophesy about the Covid-19
- The first vital energy
- Sources of natural energy – natural healing centres
- The first animal of power – spiritual healing guide
- Healing our vital energy with Pachamama

- Day 2 - Sunday Aug 27 /2023 - 09:00am to 17:00
- The mysterious time of Pachamama
- The second vital energy
- Second animal of power - spiritual healing guide
- Third animal of power – spiritual healing guide
- The sacred circle of life
- Cleansing ceremony "Urpichay"
- The third vital energy”
- The fourth vital energy”
- Closing Ceremony Mama Killa–Mother Moon

*Unforeseen circumstances may cause estimated duration of some activities to change. Times and activities subject to change due to scheduling considerations or weather conditions

“Caral” la civilización más antigua de America, primer puente entre los “Hampy Runas Paq’os y PachaMama”. Templo de caral -Observatorio astronómico 5,000 A.C. - Lima-Perú
Extraordinary ceramic confirming the teachings shared
by my spiritual Amaut’as-Maestros, about the
different levels of life that we are always connected.
It took me 35 years to find this amazing ceramic
PreInka Culture Mochica 300 BC

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