For thousands of years... deep in the heart of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon Rainforest...
known by just a few wise elders... exists still secret...
of one of the simplest, yet most valuable medicines known to humankind.



Seminar Level 1 "Snake"
- Aug 25 to 28/2022 -"Healing with the Snake"- Skelleftea, Sweden
- Sep 01 to 04 /2022 – Trentino, Italy

I begin these series of Seminars with the joy of teaching "The Medicine of the Pachamama-Mother Earth”, in the most correct and true way possible, making sure that you really enter and walk wisely, through this incredible and ancient art to heal yourself, heal others and so together protect our beloved Pachamama.

These seminars will help you make an important change in your life, to see, feel and use nature as your greatest source of healing energy. You will learn to recognize, purify and improve your own life energy, also how to use healing and ceremonial elements from the Andes & Amazonia... and heal with good will, patience, wisdom, faith and love.

A ceremonial vessel- Ancient healer with the simbols of
the Yacu Mama -Mama Snake and the Mesa in his body
PreInka Culture “Chankay” Peru 1470 BC

These teachings will be through 4 different seminars, each with different topics and specific ceremonial and healing techniques, illustrated with experiences totally real.

My mission is to pass on these treasures in the same way they were shared with me. Guiding students to have the courage and good fortune to impart healing to the energetic bodies of any person who needs help, using and channelling various energies from the gentlest to the most intense, and to be a true intermediary between the powers of nature, mystery and man ... to be a Hampiq Runa-Paqo a healer.

MesaSeminar Level 1 -"Snake"

“Healing with the Snake”


“my energy . . . my medicine”

Being healthy is the result of a balance between ourselves, our conscious and our religion
It begins with a deep peace within yourself, with your family and your community
Focus on a forgiving relationship with your ancestors and align yourself in harmony with your higher spirits.

How much healing energy exists in each valley, mountain and river!!! And amazingly ... how much medicinal wisdom exists in each animal!!! But, specially . . . how many secrets, talents and powers does each one of us hold hidden within?

I am so passionate to open this first seminar where I will have the wonderful task of helping you discover your first Mesa, a sacred tool so incredible which can become your most sacred instrument for personal healing and an extraordinary bridge in healing others
Ceremonial Vessel- healer meditating with Yacu Mama-Mama Snake. PreInka Culture “Mochica” 300 BC Perú. Few healers still keep these ancient healing secrets
It will be 4 days of intensive Mesa teachings, ceremonies and healing practices

A magical time where you will have the incredible opportunity of entering onto a transformational pathway and becoming an “Honorable Mesa Keeper.”

This is an exclusive Seminar dedicated to learn the healing world of “La Mesa” and “Yacu Mama-Mother Snake” – one of the most sacred animals for the medicine men and women of the Andes as well as the Amazon – the essence of the medicine, spiritually and magic that is integrated in the womb of PachaMama and linked to the arts of healing and curing.

Don Ramon
Topics covered in “Level 1 "Snake"”
“Healing with the Snake”
DAY 1 - Thursday August 25 /2022 - 17:00 to 22:00
1 – Ceremony of integration with PachaMama
2 – Review of general program
3 – Checking of all healing tools

DAY 2 - Friday August 26 / 2022 09:00am to 17:00
4- Ancient Master Healers from the Andes & Amazon
5- The ancestral prophesy about the Covid-19
6- The first vital energy
7- Sources of natural energy
8- The first animal of power – spiritual healing guide
9- What and who is Pachamama-Mother Earth
10- Apus-sacred spirit of the Mountains

DAY 3 - Saturday August 27 / 2022 05:00am to 17:00
11- 5am start – “Chaska Ceremony”
12- The mysterious time of Pachamama and the Apus
13- The second vital energy
14- Natural purification-initiation centres
15- Second animal of power - spiritual healing guide
16- Third animal of power – spiritual healing guide
17- First tool of healing “Your Mesa”

Day 4 - Sunday August 28 / 2021 09:00am to 17:00
18- The sacred circle of life
19- Healing with Palo Santo
20- Cleansing ceremony "Urpichay"
21- The third vital energy”
22- The fourth vital energy”
23- Closing Ceremony Mama Killa–Mother Moon

“Caral” la civilización más antigua de America, primer puente entre los “Hampy Runas Paq’os y PachaMama”. Templo de caral -Observatorio astronómico 5,000 A.C. - Lima-Perú
Extraordinary ceramic confirming the teachings shared
by my spiritual Amaut’as-Maestros, about the
different levels of life that we are always connected.
It took me 35 years to find this amazing ceramic
PreInka Culture Mochica 300 BC

Seminar Level 1 -"Snake"
“Healing with the Snake”
4 days / 3 nights
FROM 650€
-All teachings & materials
- Vegetarian meals
- Sleeping accommodations
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-50% deposit refund for cancellation 1-0 days before retreat start date.
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Location for the Seminar: Morkullevagen 37 Skelleftea Sweden
* How to get there: Skellefteå Airport (there are daily and direct flights from Stockholm to Skelleftea).
* Where to stay: The nearest places to stay is in central Skelleftea, where there are a number of hotels and rooms. Local bus nr 3 takes you from the center to Morkullevagen, 3 km from the center, where the seminar takes place. The easiest way to find a room in Skelleftea is through, or
* Vaccinations requirements: Please check the latest rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 before your travel to Skellpetea Swedem.
* Travel insurance suggestions: This is highly recommended; we suggest getting as much coverage as possible.

Pachamama’s Medicine – Program for all Seminars 2022 & 2023– Level 1 to 4

Level Seminar Dates – City Country Dates City- Country
-Level 1 “Snake” Healing with the Snake Aug 25 to 28/2022 - Skelleptea Sweden Sep 01 to 04 /2022 – Trentino Italy
-Level 2 “Puma” Healing with the Puma Nov 24 to 27 /2022 - Skelleftea Sweden Dec 01 to 04/2022 – Trentino Italy
-Level 3 “Condor” Healing with the Condor Feb 23 to 26 /2023 - Skelleftea Sweden Mar 02 to 05/ 2023 – Trentino Italy
-Level 4 “Initiation” Sacred Journey to Peru June 01 to 15 /2023 - Peru Bolivia June 01 to 15 /2023 - Peru Bolivia

Important information
*Level 2 “Puma”, can only participate those who already attended to the “Snake” Seminar
*Level 3 “Condor” can only participate those who already attended to the “Puma” Seminar
*Level 4 “Initiation” can only participate those who already attended to the Leves: 1, 2 and 3
For those who already got their own Mesas
* You can bring it. There will be a time to rearrange
*These Seminars are the gate to enter into the world of the 3 main elements-bridges of the “Mesa” You probably never heard about them.

A Mama Q’ero Healer wearing- and weaving a “Mesa”
What is a Mesa?
For the Q’ero Native people, who are the direct descendants of the ancient Inkas, Pachamama-Mother Earth is the most sacred and important healing source

These Master healers still use their spirits and hands to craft their “Mesas”, also known as “Mesas of wisdom and energy integration”, which are considered to be truly medicinal treasures

Although it is in essence just a simple woven cloth made from alpaca wool, for the Q’ero medicine men and women, the Mesa is the best way to preserve and share the ceremonial and healing knowledge and beliefs since it carries thousands of years of tradition and philosophy, including the Inka principle of “Ayni-the essential feeling of living in reciprocity, balance and harmony with PachaMama-Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the Universe and specially with each other

The Mesa and its wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation through intimate initiation ceremonies held in the energetic, spiritually activating lakes and shrines of the High Andes where the ‘Initiate or Hampiq Runa-Paq’o undertake the great spiritual journey of healing with the help of PachaMama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (the Spirits of the mountains) and the forces of the Universe…the mystery

Richard Aguayo R and Don Marcos-94 years old Q’ero Master

As I have Travelled around the world, I have been able to see that many people seek answers to, and cures for, their fears, traumas and illnesses. I can say. . . Only with a constant willingness, enough patient and above all deep faith…
you can enter into the world of self-healing – into the world of ‘La Mesa’

MesaMi vision, my mission. . .

I offer you a smile… I offer you joy… and together, with faith… let's light up the hope of being free, of being human and brothers again!!

“The lady of Cao” – Mother Maestra “Curandera”
PreInka Culture “Mochica 300 BC - Peru
When our path darkens the true ancestral wisdom will ignite the light… of harmony within us, with nature.
I believe that in the midst of the anguish that our planet is going through… the right time and space has arrived for me to share the profound teachings that I have received during my last 50 years on this earth. Intense but beautiful moments when I carried out long spiritual pilgrimages through the energetic Andean mountains, exploring the deep, exotic Amazon, journeyed through the most remote and mysterious deserts of my beautiful country… “my powerful Peru”. A land full of mystery, history and wisdom. Home to the incredible Inka, Pre-Inka and Amazonian cultures and healers, where ancient natives, who I can truly call “the Masters and Mother Masters”, have kept in their hearts the ceremonial wisdom and healing secrets for more than twelve thousand years.

It is my sacred mission to share all the teaching I have received whilst carrying out healings (over 15,000) with incredible Masters such as Don Ramon Phacsi, Don Martin Quispe, Don Mariano Apaza, Don Marcos Soncco, Doña Maria Apaza, Don Humberto Soncco and my brother Don Angilino Apaza. All of them ancestors of the Andean Inka Q’ero, as well as Don Alejandro Jahuanchi, Don Alberto Manqueriapa, both from the Amazon Nation of Huachypeyry Matshiguenga, and with Don Kumpashin from the Amazonian Nation Ashuar, as well as from Doña Juanita Valles and my beloved ‘Mama Selmira’ both from the Amazon Shipibo Nation, and especially with my first Great Teacher, my grandmother, Doña Justina Ricalde from the Andean Inka-Pisaq Nation.

Richard Aguayo R.

Nature is a gift from God, and everyone who is in perfect harmony with her is in harmony with his-her own health, peace and love

Richard Aguayo R. Ceremonial Platform – Temple to connect with Wiracocha – Sun Island Titicaca Lake Bolivia

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