Don Guillermo
Mama Qocha’s (Mother Water) Angel

(Don Guillermo and Don Angelino are brothers and were initiated in the same day and Q’ero Lake)

Journey to Europe - May & June - 2018







Don Guillermo wearing his ceremonial
Inka Q'ero poncho













An ancient Pre-Inka Vessel
showing how we are connected
with our ancestors throughout the Qosqo











Learning how to heal ourselves
how to heal others













We share about the ancient wisdom
of the Inka-Q'ero Mesa "Kallpa" -
"Qosqo" the healing energies














Pre Inka Culture Chancay
200 BC : Wise Amauth'a-teacher
-who was able to use the healing
energies of the Kallpa-Puma level










Pre Inka Culture Moche 100 BC : Priestess
in a deep connection with PachaMama
to heal the Kallpa of the patient

Pre Inka Culture Moche 100 BC : Priest
doing a healing to the Physical
and sexual Kallpa



Ceremonies and healing to save
our snow mountains and holy water

Miracles happen in the sacred Andean mountains of the ‘Q'ero’... like the incredible one that has allowed a group of healers to survive at 5,000 meters above sea level with joy, good health and an abundance of energy… and all this on a daily diet of nothing more than potatoes!

Don Guillermo was born in the heart of the Q'ero mountains and very soon after his birth his father and grandfather took him and his brother, Don Angelino, to the Apus, or High mountains, and gave them their first initiation as healers. They bathed them in the freezing waters of the Q’ero lake which awakened in Don Guillermo a deep longing to be in service to PachaMama (Mother Earth), Mama Q’ocha (Mother Water) and Mama Rit’y (Mother Snow). Since then Don Guillermo has spent his time walking the Andes performing ceremonies. He has also carried out an intense voluntary work programme to try and protect and save the snow glaciers of the Andes. These glaciers are sacred elements and the ones used in the initiation of Q’ero healers as well as the main energetic source of their healing.

Don Guillermo was born and trained as a healer in the most ‘energetic’ place in the Andes of Peru, right in the Centre of a powerful group of sacred mountains or Apus – Huamanripa, Qoyllority and Ausangate. This gifted him with the great wisdom to create beautiful ceremonies dedicated to PachaMama, the Apus and especially to Mama Q’ocha-Mother Water and Mama Rit’y-Mother Water. Offerings that are true works of art, decorated with colorful flowers and natural elements and full of tremendous energy that sweetly radiate a light of spiritual and corporal healing. As the main component Don Guillermo adds to this beautiful offering his deep prayers using the Q'echua language that was used by his ancient ancestors the Inkas for thousands of years.

Don Guillermo and Richard Aguayo became compadres (or spiritual brothers) and after a long and patient wait of more than 20 years Richard has decided to invite his spiritual brother Don Guillermo to make his first spiritual journey out of his mountains to enable him to share his beautiful ceremonies and joyful healing energy in several countries in Europe during the months of May and June of 2018.

In this unique Don Guillermo, will be sharing the following ceremonies:

A Inka-Q'ero Mesa

Private Healing Sessions

You will have a very special meeting with Don Guillermo, where you can share your mental, spiritual, emotional or sexual problems with him, he will then take a reading of your energetic body using his sacred Mama-Coca leaves. This will enable him to find out where your problem originally stems from. He will then proceed to give you an energetic cleansing to bring you into balance using the most sacred prayers in the ancient Inka language, the ‘Qechua’. At the same time Don Guillermo will focus and direct his healing by ‘blowing’ the healing energy into  the main energy points of your body.


Time: 45 minutes per session


Exclusive Ceremony for PachaMama


This will be a full day of deep group healing
09:30am to 17:00


The Q'ero Healer is permanently pilgrimaging around the sacred Andean mountains in order to gain a personal energetic balance. The result of this is that he has the most amazing opportunity to experience the ever-generous energies which come from his beloved PachaMama (Mother Earth), from his Mama Rity (Mother Snow), from his Mama Q'ocha (Mother Water), or from his lonely and gigantic mountains (Apus) as well as from the great Cosmos.

Yes!!! The Q'ero Healer is impeccable and masterful in the management of the energetic ‘sparks’ that cross our paths at all times and that can help us find a balance between the past and the present, and as a result find deep spiritual healing


Don Guillermo will share a sublimely spiritual day, he will dedicate the whole day to holding one of the oldest and most sacred ceremonies of the Q'ero Healers, a precious offering to PachaMama and the Apus. It’s a very heavenly ritual that he has been performing since he was a child and through which he devotes himself spiritually in order to merge with his beloved PachaMama and his respected Apus.

During this intense mystical journey Don Guillermo will use his expertise to carefully create an offering to his greatest spirits in order to obtain permission to attract and manage various purifying energy sparks that he will gradually share with each one of the participants so that this astonishing light can help them to enter a state of supreme healing. The joy and jubilation with which Don Guillermo performs the ceremony, especially the powerful and melodious prayers he performs in his native Inka - Q’echua language encourages each participant to enter a level of personal grace. It also helps to create a chain of group healing where each participant helps the other and together we can help heal our beloved PachaMama in return for the sweet healings we receive from PachaMama and the Apus.

Yes!!! This wonderful ceremony is one of the extraordinary ways in which the Q'ero healers have managed to survive for thousands of years in the high snowy mountains, with inadequate clothing and barely any food. It supports them and enables them to live on an extremely limited diet of a few potatoes a day.

In order that each participant can be included and more deeply integrated with the offering to PachaMama and the Apus, Don Guillermo has suggested that each participant bring the following elements that will be added to the beautiful ‘offering’ that he will create:

• 1 liter of water from a clean river or stream
• 3 flowers, such as small carnations, 1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 White
• 5 grams of powdered incense
• 5 grams of white sugar
• 3 Peanuts
• 3 raisins



Seminar - Living Inka-Q’ero Mesa

First Level

Full day (9:30 to 17:00)

Over the past 40 years I have had the very good fortune to be a part of the incredible world of the Peruvian Curanderos (healers), living, learning and sharing the true wisdom of PachaMama and the Apus (the mountain spirits), and the wisdom of Nature itself. Now is the perfect moment to share and teach all that I have learned throughout this time. It gives me great pleasure to present this Seminar, ‘The Inka-Q’ero Mesa’, dedicated exclusively to teaching the ceremonial and healing wisdom of the authentic Inka-Q’ero Curanderos (Richard Aguayo).


It is with the greatest love that I present this 1 day seminar. I will share the different aspects and spiritual secrets that my Q'ero teachers and brothers shared with me during the long and beautiful years that I lived, pilgrimaged and enjoyed living with them… these noble settlers of the sacred mountains of The Andes. My experiences with them led me to discover and have a deep understanding of the real, original ‘Inka-Q'ero Mesa’ and why it has such a tremendous importance in the process of learning personal healing including how it’s mystical powers help us to tune into our intuitive body to be able to heal others.


The teachings will be practical and simple. It will be my pleasure to show participants how to get to know their first Inka- Q’ero Mesa and how to use it in a sacred way. This is the first step to knowing our Kallpa Ñawis or ‘energetic eyes’ that illuminate, or block, our life energy. We will also discover the mystical world of Qosqo and the ‘sparks’ of energy coming from PachaMama, Mama Q'ocha (Mother Water), Mama Rity (Mother Snow), the Apus (Mountain Spirits), nature and the great Cosmos.


During the Seminar we will learn about:

• The 4 ‘Kallpas’ which surrounds our luminous body
• The specific ‘Kallpa ñawis’ and how and where they are in our physical body
• The mystical spiritual world of ‘Qosqo’
• The amazing sparks of energy from PachaMama, Mama Q’ocha, Mama Rity, the Apus, nature and the great Cosmos
• Power animals
• Personal healing rituals
• Healing ourselves through our ancestors
• Healing PachaMama


Intense Seminar - Second Level

The Inka Q’ero Mesa – Mest’ana

A full day to learn the sacred way of receiving-folding & carrying a Mesa
9:00 to 17:00

The Inka-Q’ero Amauth'as-Teachers were the first ones who with much sacrifice entered into the simple level of the Ayni-Interchange of energies, which allowed them to spiritually integrate with PachaMama and the Apus, receiving from these holy spirits their first initiation and as a very special reward the Q’ero Teachers received their first Kh'uyas-sacred stones of ceremonial healing; these special healing tools were kept in a very special ceremonial weaving called “ Awayo”, And these were the first Mesas, then as part of their apprenticeship they began to pilgrimage all around the Andes, the Amazon and the coast to gradually integrate their own energies of life and their Mesas with the energies of the 3 levels of Life through the 3 sacred animals the Puma, the Snake and the Condor.


This Seminar consist of one full day of intense teachings and ceremonial practices that will prepare and open you spiritually to be able to receive and carry a genuine Inka-Q’ero Mesa. You will be taught step-by-step how to fold and direct its corners to the most important healing energies and the magical alignment with the four main components of the creation of life (in accordance with Q'ero wisdom).

Using simple and effective rituals you will be able to learn about:

-‘Kallpa’ (life energy), identify different important power points, allowing a mystical interaction with nature’s sacred healing sites to happen, a fundamental part of the Inka-Q’ero medicine.
-How to fold your Inka-Q’ero Mest’ana
-How to integrate your Inka-Q’ero Mesa to the main energetic sources -The main Apus and how they can help you in your spiritual path -Ceremonial techniques of the authentic Inka-Q’ero ‘Hampi Runa – Curanderos and their Mesas-Mest’anas’
-The splendid art of using our ‘Mesas’ ceremoniously with the energies of higher spirits such as our beloved PachaMama and the Apu Mountain Spirits. These holy spirits can help us to cleanse, re-integrate and intensify our connection with our birth place and become an important part of the healing of our planet
- It will prepare us to use our K’huyas (sacred healing stones) and as a mystic consequence be lovingly ready to heal others.

(Suggested for those who already did the first level)



Richard Aguayo has received deep healing ceremonies and teachings from different teachers and healers, beginning with his grandmother. “She was an incredible medicine woman” Richard says. For 40 years I have been walking and living in the most remote Andean mountains and in the most pristine areas of the Amazon rainforest, always receiving the teachings of wise healers such as Don Alejandro and Don Alberto both Huachipeyry Amazon Healers, Cumpashin Ashuade Amazon Healer, Don Jorge Jibaro Amazon Healer, and from my beloved Q’ero nation Don Ramon-Don Marcos, Don Mariano, Don Angelino, Don Claudio, Don Manuel Quispe, Don Guillermo, Don Martin and from all those simple but incredible wise Inka-Qero Amauth’as-Teachers with whom I shared beautiful years while I was doing my volunteer work in their sacred mountains After many years I have also received permission from the spirits to share teachings about the Ancient Inka-Q'ero Healing and Ceremonial Mesa I will be accompanying Don Guillermo in this unique journey and will also be guiding these Seminars.

(Richard Aguayo)



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Q'ero healers are masters in bringing
balance to our energy of life




















Our energy of life is always connected
to PachaMama and the Apus
















Seminars to learn the sacred use of
the Inka-Q'ero Mesa














Mochica Blind priest.. praying
and connecting to the 3 sacred Kallpas
: The Condor-the Puma-the snake
(Pre Inka-culture Moche 100 BC)










Pre Inka Culture Moche 100
BC : Our ancestors gave us
ancient teachings like how
to use the Kallpa-Puma
healing energies















Pre Inka Culture Chancay 200 BC :Ancient
"Hampiq-Healer" who was able to work with
Kallpa-Kuntur or healing energies
of the Condor